Getting Started

Aug 12, 2017
Getting Started
  • Getting Started
    For those who are excited to start their adventure in Kandorus, but are unsure of how to do so, visit our Installation page for a detailed guide on how to get started! Found here : Installation
    For those who have already begun their adventure, welcome!

    Welcome to Kandorus!
    This page is meant to give you an overview of what Kandorus has to offer. For more in-depth descriptions of each feature on the server, click on the links on this page to visit our other wiki pages.

    Our Mission Statement
    The mission statement of the Kandorus team is simple: Provide the highest quality Pixelmon adventure to our players through custom development and creative game systems.
    We are here to make sure that our players have the best Pixelmon experience possible with a variety of things to do on the server while the progress and in the end game. We are constantly working to add more to the server and improve upon everything that has already been added.

    What do I do on Kandorus?
    What you want from you Kandorus experience is up to you. We would like for everyone to have fun in a friendly environment full of people who love Pokemon and Minecraft. We have a variety of features that you can take part in throughout your Kandorus experience including:
    • Pixelmon
    • Survival Minecraft
    • Questing
    • Reputations
    • Player Gyms
    • And more to come!
    Where to start?
    If you're looking to catch Pixelmon and build a home, try visiting our two survival worlds: Euphoria and Scion. Each is unique and offers different landscapes to explore and build on.
    Scion: A default Minecraft generated map with Pixelmon ores, trees, and the like. If you are looking to easily find a specific biome to track down a Pixelmon or want to get Pixelmon materials for crafting, this is the Survival world for you.
    Euphoria: A world built using the Bukkint plugin EpicWorldGenerator. This beautiful world does not contian any Pixelmon blocks, but it does offer a unique experience. The mixing of biomes to obtain certain landscape textures results in a wide variety of Pixelmon Spawning all in the same location. The custom generated terrain also creates beautiful locations to settle down in.
    What's to come?
    We have a lot of ideas for the future, and we are constantly at work to put them into the game. For information on the latest updates, keep an eye on the forums for future patch announcements and dates.

    Final Statements
    Your adventure in Kandorus is what you make it. The players that have the most fun are those who immerse themselves in the game and the community. The Kandorus staff is always open to your suggestions and new ideas. Become an active part of the forums and our Discord server to help make Kandorus a better place for everyone.
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