Weekly Event: Dec 8 - Dec 14

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    The first winter has taken its hold over Kandorus! The newly established settlers in Haven and the other towns need your help! You, the brave adventurers of Kandorus, know the landscape better than anyone. You have defeated countless Pixelmon in your quest for greatness and only you can save the other settlers from starvation!

    The Pixelmon of Kandorus now have a chance to drop an item called Resources. These resources are essential to the survival of the settlers! A new man, who calls himself the Collector, has shown up in Haven! Bring him the resources you collect in your journeys to help the first settlers of Kandorus survive the winter!

    Of course, the helpless denizens of Kandorus do not expect you to work for free. Each Resource you turn in will yield 10 Poke. In addition, when the Collector has received a certain number of items, a server-wide boost will be activated for the remainder of the week!

    Work together with other players to reach unlock the following perks that will last until December 14th:
    • 750 Resources: An Experience Boost!
    • 1250 Resources: A Catch Rate Boost!
    • 3000 Resources: A Larger Experience Boost!
    • 5500 Resources: Increased chance to find Shiny Pixelmon!
    The harder you work to save the people of Kandorus, the more they will reward you for your efforts. Remember that the total resource count includes all resources turned in by all players, so it is within your best interest to get other players involved!

    Good luck, have fun, and see you in Kandorus!
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    Lets all work together guys to get to 7500 before the 14th :D

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