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    since we have been told a numerous times that all the suggestions and things we would want to improve have their place on forum, here we go!

    Breeding system

    1) Getting eggs -

    It is ridicolous thinking about the fact that in order to get one egg of starter pokemon breeder must wait 24 hours in the chunk that his pokemon are breeding. That alone is demotivating itself but the worst part about that is, that you have to wait this interval atleast quadrillion times. The players are not even counting these intervals in days. It gets weeks and weeks long. Clearly the main theme was to make it hard, but it came to a point where people do not even try to breed starters.

    2) Hatching Eggs -
    Eggs need to be fixed as soon as it will be possible. If that was supposed to limit people who used afk hatchers, result is the exact opposite. It takes around 15-20 minutes usually to hatch one egg, for player without permissions to commands such as /eggsteps, not realizing that their eggs are actually bugged and not a single one of their steps is being counted down.

    Gym system

    1) Old gym system -
    Full of flaws in many ways, disasterous and I do not think that we need to talk about this.

    2) New gym system -
    Great idea with finally giving players what they want.

    3) The real problem -
    Those two systems can not exist alongside each other. Biggest problem of new gym system is that it is incomplete, but it seems that it wont ever be completed. That is mainly because of the following problem.

    4) Badges -
    Yes, of course that somewhere along this wall you expected this to come up.
    We got promised that badges will become a thing in near future. Since then we recieved no further information or badges themselves. Therefore I encourage you to inform us what is situation with badges like right now.

    Obtainable unobtainable items

    1) Timewarp essence -

    There is not much to say, maybe that robbing new players of their timewarp essence is now only way to obtain this precious commodity. Just to set the picture straight. We are talking about chance of dropping honey with power droplet and pocket healer all at once being bigger than dropping single timewarp essence.
    Kit was destroyed yet other things stayed the same.

    2) Rare items becoming legendary -
    Ranch block upgrade is considered myth, same with most items that are supposed to be rare. Literally only way to get those items is raiding in accord. Which soon will have no more to offer. I encourage once again a person to rtp to an ocean and see if they can find fossils or it is being just raided as quickly as it is even possible. Chances are, you will find just mind holes left after fossils.

    Whoever read this until here, my thanks to you.
    I truly hope that this will be taken only as constructive criticism and not offensively. I am only trying to provide ways to make game fun for players once again.

    Thank you and I hope to hear back opinions either from players or administrators.

    Best regards Isak.​

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