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    The first official Kandorus League tournament has begun!
    Challenge your friends and fight to become crowned the very best! The winner of the tournament will be deemed the Champion and will be given the [Champion] title until a new winner is found next month!
    Other prizes and titles are available to be won so even if you know that your team is not the best, entering the tournament is within your best interest! Here's how to get

    What do I need to enter?
    The only prerequisite to enter the Kandorus League tournament is to have beaten all 8 NPC gyms that are found in Kandorus.
    The League also requires participants to use 6 Pixelmon in battle, so make sure you have at least 6 Pixelmon to your name!

    How do I enter?
    Entering the tournament is simple!

    First: Do /t enter

    This will enter you into the Kandorus League tournament. You must only do this command once!

    Second: Do /t search
    This will show you a list of current Kandorus League participants that are online to battle!

    Third: Do /t chal <name>
    This will challenge the person whose username you entered. The person can either accept or deny your request with either /t accept or /t deny

    Other commands that are available you, such as /t rank, can be found by doing /t

    How does it work?
    The first round of the Kandorus League tournament is simple. Challenge 7 unique players to a battle via the tournament system and earn points! Points are awarded as follows:
    3 Points are awarded for a win
    1 Point is awarded for a draw
    1 Point is awarded for each Pixelmon you defeat in the battle
    The unique tournament point system allows for players who have had strong performances throughout the tournament, but have failed to accumulate many wins to still have a chance at advancing to the next round.
    The second round of the Kandorus League is a bracketed tournament that will set up by Aipa and Syanar. Players will be seeded and matched against each other based on the amount of points the receive (seeds will match the top players against the bottom players, so the first top player would play the last player and the second top player would play the second to last player who qualifies). The amount of players admitted to the second round will depend on the amount of players who have entered the tournament.

    Dates to Remember
    The first round of the tournament will last from January 16th - January 24th, so make sure you get your qualifier matches in before then!
    The second round of the tournament will last from January 25th - January 31st. Matches in this round of the tournament will be scheduled ahead of time.

    Final Remarks
    Please remember that there are many trainers in Kandorus, but there can only be one winner. Do not be discouraged if you lose! Take any failures in this tournament as an opportunity to learn and improve your team! The Kandorus League tournament will be a monthly event, so you have plenty of chances to redeem yourself! The Kandorus Staff team would like to wish you the best of luck in the battles to come and reminds you to make sure that you are focusing on having fun!

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