The Kandorus League: I - Round 3

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    Hello Everyone! The second round of the first Kandorus League tournament have concluded and we are ready to move on to the final stages of the tournament! In case you did not see the results of the second round, here they are:

    DemonicRage (1) vs EpicJetGaming (8)
    KPW5901 (2) vs _Arys (7)
    Oblium (3) vs standrews2 (6)
    HeyImBryceBae (4) vs Syanar (5)

    The third and final round of the tournament will consist of two brackets, a winner's bracket and a loser's bracket. The winners of the second round will be seeded against each other to find out who will become the champion. Here are those match-ups:

    Round of 4 Bracket:

    DemonicRage (1) vs Syanar (5)
    KPW5901 (2) vs Oblium (3)

    Grand Finals

    Oblium (3) vs Syanar (5)

    The matches above will determine who moves on to the final battle that will determine who the first champion of Kandorus will be.

    A constellation bracket between the losers of the round of 8 is as follows:

    Constellation Bracket:

    HeyImBryceBae (4) vs EpicJetGaming
    (6) vs _Arys (7)

    Constellation Finals

    standews2 (6) vs. EpicJetGaming (8)

    Best of luck to all of the competitors in both brackets. Some of you might be asking: "Why is there a loser's bracket?" Well, the answer can be found within the list of prizes offered to the players in the tournament. Here is the list of prizes that will be given out once the tournament has been completed:

    • Title: Prospect
    • Keys: 3 Basic Keys
    Runners Up (4):
    • Title: Elite 4
    • Keys: 3 Uncommon Keys
    • Title: Champion
    • Keys: 5 Ultimate Keys
    • Pokemon: Porygon
    At this time, most of you should have a good idea what category you do or might fit into. The winner of the constellation bracket of the tournament will be promoted to the "Runners Up" along with those who did not win in the Round of 4.
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