The Kandorus League: I - Final

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    The First Official Kandorus League Tournament has ended and the first champion has been crowned! The Kandorus staff would like to thank everyone who participated in the tournament and helped make it a big success! Aipa and I have learned a lot about how players are interacting with the tournament system and intend on making some changes in the future to help make the Kandorus League even more enjoyable for everyone involved.

    The tournament was a very exciting experience from the start that only got better as it went on. We had some awesome match-ups that tested the skill of all the players involved, but, unfortunately, not everyone could move on. The final rounds of the tournament were intense, well-fought matches. In the end, the Elite Four and Champion were determine. These players will keep their titles for the next month until a new Elite Four and Champion are found. Congratulations to the following players:

    Champion: Syanar

    Elite Four: Oblium, DemonicRage, KPW5901, EpicJetGaming

    As a final note from me: I have enjoyed watching the tournament progress and was glad to have participated in it myself. Participating in the tournament has shown me that there is a lot more depth to Pokemon battling and the Kandorus server had attracted some truly great players that are very knowledgable about Pokemon. I hope that the players that I battled in the tournament experienced the same heart-racing excitement that I did as we battled to move forward. My final battle with Oblium was one of the best experiences I have had on the server thus far and I am glad that I had the opportunity to fight in such a close battle.
    Experiencing the tournament was a way of helping me figure out how the system worked from a player's perspective. I learned a lot and feel as though the future of the competition looks bright. I am looking forward to see what kind teams and strategies people bring to the tournament in the future and cannot wait to see who will be crowned the next Champion.

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