Shadows of Kandorus: Chapter 2

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    Hello everyone! Here is chapter two of the tale of Gray's journey to Kandorus. I hope that you enjoy this part and you can expect to see a chapter three come out sometime in the near future.

    The arena crowd roared in excitement around Gray as he threw his hands up in the air in triumph. His Absol, covered in scratches and marks from the battle he had just fought, stood proudly beside him. Fireworks exploded in the sky overhead in celebration. The first champion of Kandorus had been decided and it was none other than Gray himself. He had beaten the odds, risen above all obstacles, and was able to defeat his rival, the mysterious trainer from the ship, in the championship battle. Gray turned his head, viewing the scene around him. It was just as he had imagined it as a child. Champion… The feeling seemed too good to be real.

    As Gray turned to see the massive trophy the was being brought out to him, he began to feel a strange sensation on his face. It was such an odd feeling but he could not help but feel as though it were a familiar one. His whole face began to feel tingly as the feeling became stronger and more frequent. He twisted and turned and tried to shake off the sensation but it would not fade.

    Gray desperately itched his face, trying to find some relief from the torture. He could no longer focus on anything around him. The crowd was silenced, the euphoria from his victory had faded. All he could think about was this feeling on his face. Gray threw himself to the ground in a final attempt to escape his torment and everything became black.

    The sensation remained. Gray opened his eyes and saw his Absol licking his face. He was back in his bed on the ship. Gray frowned as he realized that his great accomplishment had just been a dream. Gray sat up in his bed and pat his Absol on the head. “One day,” he said, “One day we’ll make it there.”

    “Make it where?” said an inquisitive voice. Gray jumped with a start at the unexpected intrusion on his conversation with Abosl. He turned from his companion to see Captain Jack standing at the foot of the bed. “I am sorry if I may have startled you,” said the captain, “but you have been asleep for a long time. Everyone else has already left. I guess you must have slept through all of the excitement.”

    “Excitement?” replied Gray, “What excitement?” He turned his head and noticed that the cabin was empty as the captain has mentioned. “Where is everybody?” he asked urgently.

    “Settle down, no need to get so excited,” replied the captain. “You’re not missing out on anything right now. Most of the ‘excitement’ I was talking about happened hours ago.” The captain paused as he moved to the side of the bed and sat down. “I saw you up on the deck earlier,” he continued. “You were there when Nash…”

    “Nash!” Gray interrupted. “His name is Nash?”

    “Yes, Nash,” replied Captain Jack. “A bit of an odd name, but who am I to judge? I don't know him very well. He has kept quiet most of the trip. I guess he’s kind of a mysterious fellow.” He paused for a moment. “Great trainer though,” he resumed. “Without him I’m not sure we could have stopped that Pidgey from tearing up the sails…” He stopped as he noticed the frown on Gray’s face. “You and Absol probably could have done just as good of a job,” he said.

    “Thanks,” replied Gray, unenthusiastically.

    “It’s no big deal anyway,” said Jack, still noticing that Gray was uneasy. “It was a small job. You will do much bigger and better things in the future.”

    Gray shrugged, “I am just going to Hoenn to find my dad. I don't see anything great about that.”

    “Well,” said the captain as he rose from the bed. “I am afraid you might have to put your search for your dad on hold for awhile. You see, after you went back down below deck, we made landfall.”

    “In Hoenn?” asked Gray. “I didn't think we were supposed to be there for another week!”

    “We weren’t”, replied Jack. “It seems that the storm drove us off course into uncharted waters. We didn't land in Hoenn. To be honest with you, I’m still not entirely sure where we landed.”

    Gray was shocked. “Did we find an island?” he asked.

    “Something a bit more significant than an island,” replied Jack. “Why don't you change out of your pajamas and meet me up on the deck.” Captain Jack went to the stairs that lead to the deck above. Within a few moments he was gone, leaving Gray alone in the dark cabin.

    Gray was not sure what to think of his chat with the captain. They weren't in Hoenn? Where were they? What would Gray do now that he wouldn't be able to search for his father? Gray had so many questions but he knew that none of them would be solved by sitting in bed. With a sudden rush of excitement, Gray threw his sheets off of himself and jumped out of bed. He quickly took his clothes out of the backpack he kept under his bed and got changed. Absol sat on the bed watching Gray the whole time.

    When he had finished changing, Gray threw his backpack onto his back and began to race up the stairs. Before he was able to climb he first step, he noticed that Absol was still sitting obediently on the bed. “Come on!” he yelled to his companion, “I don't want you to miss this!” With his master’s call, Absol leapt off the bed and ran to Gray’s side so that they could climb the stairs together to see the strange new land that awaited them in the world outside.

    The sun was shining brightly overhead when Gray got to the deck of the ship with his Absol beside him. It took the young trainer a moment to adjust to the light before he was able to look around for the captain. “Over here!” he heard a voice call from one side of the ship. Gray turned and saw Captain Jack waiting for him by ramp on the edge of the ship. In the distance, Gray could see a lush forest filled with tall trees and flowers of every color imaginable. As Gray moved closer to the captain, he could see that some of his fellow shipmates had set up tents on the shore alongside dozens of crates that the ship previously held below deck as cargo.

    “Welcome to Kandorus!” exclaimed Jack.

    “Kandorus?” asked Gray, confused.

    “Yes!” replied Jack. “Kandorus! You asked if we had discovered an island, but it seems as though we have discovered a whole new landmass. We had a meeting not too long ago and decided to name this new land Kandorus.”

    “A whole continent?” asked Gray. “How do you know it’s a whole continent? We just got here. For all we know it could just be a large island.”

    “I told you earlier,” replied the captain, “You have been asleep for a long time and we landed soon after you went to bed. Many of the other trainers on the ship have already set out to explore this place. A few have come back reporting to have found other regions that are distinctly different from the forest.”

    “Other regions?” Gray asked, still not entirely sure what to make of this new information.

    “From what I have been told, this forest is technically an island, but to the east you can find a huge landmass with vast plains and even a desert,” stated Jack.

    “So everyone has been out exploring while I’ve been asleep?” asked Gray, sadly.

    “Not everyone,” reassured Jack. “A small group of people have set out into the forest to find a good place to set up camp. I think Nash was with them.”

    “What am I going to do?” Gray asked. The captain noticed that Gray was obviously frustrated with himself for having slept through a greater part of the excitement from the ship’s new discovery. He watched as Gray examined the forest with a look that showed his longing for an adventure.

    “I think you woke up at the perfect time,” said Jack, hoping that he would cheer up Gray. Gray looked at the captain intently, waiting for some kind of explanation to his claim. “Everyone might be out exploring and setting up camp,” continued Jack, “But there is something else that none of the other trainers have been able to do.”

    “What?” asked Gray. “What is it?”

    “You know the scientists that have been traveling with us, right? Dr. Vis and Dr. Aliture?” asked Jack, pointing at the men who were standing by a small boat down by the shore.

    Gray nodded.

    “Well,” continued Jack, “they plan on investigating a small island off the coast of this forest. They believe that there is something special about it.” The captain could tell that Gray was beginning to take an interest. “There may be danger on that island, and I do not believe that they want their research to be interrupted. Would you go with them?”

    “Sure!” replied Gray with great excitement. “When are they leaving?”

    “Soon,” stated Jack, “so you better get your stuff and get down there before they leave without you!”

    “I will!” exclaimed Gray as he ran back to the stairs that led to the cabin. “Thank you captain!” he yelled as he waved to Jack before running below deck to retrieve the rest of his belongings from under his bed.
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    This story was just fucking epic great job mate

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