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    Kandorus Questing is coming!
    It should be no surprise at this point! Questing has been a long-desired feature on Kandorus and it will finally drop on the live server on October 1st, 2016.
    Everyone probably has some idea of what a quest is and how they function, but those ideas are probably very different! This basic overview will cover how quests work and how it provides a more immersive experience for you, the player!

    How it works!
    We designed the Kandorus Quest system to be as simple and straight-forward to use for the player as possible. When you first log in to 2.0, you might notice one major change while exploring. Some NPCs will have Green names, indicating that they are bosses.

    Green NPC names indicate that that NPC has a quest.
    Simply right click on these NPCs to attempt to gain the quest. Most of the time, you may find that you are unable to accept the quest you are trying to receive. This is likely because you have not completed a required quests.

    Quest Progression requires the player to complete certain quests before they may start others.
    This system is in place for storytelling and progression purposes. As a sneak peek and example of this, the following quest chains are linked:
    Tranquil Forest >> Half of Whispering Expanse >> Firelands/Frost Talon
    Zephyr Hills >> Other Half of Whispering Expanse >> Solemn Dunes >> Eerie Woods

    These are only basic, and somewhat incomplete examples, but they do show what I am trying to illustrate on Quest Progression. In order to quest in Firelands and Frost Talon, the player must first complete the Tranquil Forest and a specific half of the Whispering Expanse quest chains. These progression lines are in place because of the story in Kandorus. In certain zones you travel alongside Gray and his friend Crystal to help the people settling in Kandorus and settling conflicts throughout the regions. In other zones you may be assisting Dr. Alliture in his research efforts! These quests will be part of the Main Quest chain. You can track your Main Quest progression in each zone by using one of the simple commands.

    The Kandorus Quest system utilizes a few simple commands:
    /q : This will show you the list of quests you currently have
    /qprog <zone> : This will show your main quest progression in the given zone
    /ki : This will show you your key items tab. Key items are items dropped from mobs only when you are on
    a certain quest.
    /xp : This will show you your current player level​

    As you may have been able tell from above, there are different kinds of quests in Kandorus and other new features that are tied in with the questing system like the Player levels.

    There are several different kinds of quests that you might obtain in Kandorus:
    Talk : A simple quest that asks you to speak with a specific NPC
    Defeat : Another simple quest that asks you to defeat a certain number of a specific Pokemon
    Defeat Trainer : Asks the player to defeat a specific trainer in battle
    Item Collect : Asks the player to obtain a specific quest item via drop for the NPC
    Item Give : Asks the player to give the NPC an ordinary item (like a Potion)
    Catch : Catch a specific Pokemon
    Pokemon Give : Give the NPC a specific Pokemon
    These are the basic quest types that will be available at launch. More may come in the future, and we are always open to suggestions in the future!

    Player Experience will be a new feature that lets you progress as a player:
    Quests and defeating Pokemon will grant the player XP. Gain enough XP to reach the next player level, up to a maximum of 50. At each level, you may unlock new features, obtain bonus items, and unlock new profession recipes. The primary source of experience is designed to be questing. Defeating Pokemon only provides a small amount of experience in all zones across Kandorus.

    This has been a basic overview of the Kandorus Questing system. Most everything you need to know is included in this guide, but if anything is unclear, it shouldn't be too hard to figure out in game! We are looking forward to seeing everyone travel around Kandorus, exploring and experiencing the discovery of Kandorus! We hope you enjoy this brand new feature!
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    i got to level 10 and it said i received a basic key, but my inv was full and it didnt drop on the ground
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