Player Housing, Breeding, and Mega Evolutions Released!

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    Today is a big day for Kandorus. The most requested feature since the server launched has been Player Housing, and we are proud to announce that it is finally here! In addition to housing, we've added tons of other cool stuff in this update, including Breeding and even Mega Evolutions!

    The Kandorus Housing System allows players to get their very own island where they can build to their hearts content! Build you very own house where you can store all your treasures or kick back with your friends on your own personal spot in the world!
    To get started, type '/house create'
    Once it's done generating your island, you will be teleported there. You can use the /hshop command to access the housing shop where you can buy all sorts of building materials, decorations, and even special Pixelmon items like PCs and Ranches!

    The release of housing also enables another feature, Breeding! By purchasing a ranch from the /hshop, you can start breeding your Pixelmon and making eggs! For more infomration on how to breed pixelmon, visit the Pixelmon wiki:
    However, Kandorus has made a few changes to how breeding works. Specifically, rare Pixelmon and Starters require "energy," which can be added to a ranch by right clicking on your ranch with Fragments of Kysus. You can use /ranch when near your ranch to learn more about the current energy level and what Pixelmon require energy.
    For more information visit our wiki:

    Mega Evolutions
    That's right, Kandorus now has its very own form of Mega Evolving! Over the last few days wild Pixelmon have started dropping Mega Stones, special items that allow Pixelmon to Mega Evolve. Now, these items can be equipped using /equip. When these Mega Evolved Pixelmon enter battle or are sent out, their appearance changes and gain a 20% stats boost. However, only one Pixelmon in your party can Mega Evolve at once, so choose wisely!
    For more information:

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