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    Hello people, I am TurtleChow12; on any other thing though I go by SenorTacoz12 or Tkmarco unless I personally know you then obviously my name. I've decided to sign up on the forums because if I'm probably going to be on this server for a bit I should get to know all of you friendly people. and i just accidently posted this early cause i pressed enter..continuing on...

    Okay, so I am currently a Sophomore in high school and I was born in 2000, do the math if you want my age. I am a female, hopefully everybody on this server is old enough not to care about gender unlike when I was addicted with Minecraft when I was 11 and I couldn't wear a girl skin or else I would get special treatment...I'm not that into Pokemon but I'm just on here to play with my boyfriend so don't get mad at me if I ask silly questions. The closest thing I got to a childhood with Pokemon was glancing at a TV episode while switching to Disney Channel.

    I enjoy many video games, I mostly play League of Legends and Sims 4 right now but recently have played CS:GO, Dragomon Hunter, Guild Wars 2, and Heroes of the Storm. I have like a 100+ games on Steam too though so yeah.

    Other hobbies I have is drawing and scrolling through things like Tumblr and Reddit. I'm also in a Skype like 24/7. Thats always, oh yeah I'm fascinated by animation so anime and animated films have a special place in my heart. I'm completely obsessed with Studio Ghibli. I've seen most of the mainstream animes like SNK, Fairy Tale, Ouran High School, etc. I am really slow with just anything that I have to watch so the amount I like anime to the amount I have watched ratio is probably a bit odd.

    Before I end this I'm just going to put it out there that my favorite color is blue and I love sea otters, penguins, turtles, dolphins, and grizzly bears. Oh and also if any of you have seen Ranma 1/2 I will be able to die happy because any anime lover I've asked, they have no clue what it is. Ranma was my childhood and everybody should watch and experience its' greatness.
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