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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Jayx12, Dec 16, 2015.

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    Since currently there is no way to tutor previous moves that pixelmon has released in this version, it would make sense to still sell them as an option to players, even if its through manual access through the Moderators.

    With NBTEdit, which is a serverside mod, it allows you to literally edit every aspect of every entity in the game, including pixelmon/statues/mobs and even the NPCs. It can be toggled to have only Moderators use it, and is not required on clientside either, but allows for changing of a pokemons moves, EVs, IVs, and even boost them above level 100 (I dont think theres any limit to how high you can go) so you could use specialized pokemon in events and stuff, like giving items to people who defeat a level 1000 Pidgey you know? It provides a ton of utility for the server, and would be super useful to mods using it. I posted some screenshots to show what it looks like.

    In the image below, you can see the gui and that you can edit literally anything from teaching moves that pokemon cant normally know, to changing its nature, to IVs, to EVs, to even growth to even adjusting a custom stat value if you wanted to run event matches or something.

    To use, just do /nbtedit on any pokemon or entity and then click the drop down arrow and then edit each individual stat. Super easy to use, BUT you should be careful as overdoing certain stats can actually corrupt pokemon and make games crash.

    The legend for all the values and changes is on this link:

    Hope you guys consider this, as many of us would gladly pay to have a move tutored, since a lot of pokemon come at a really high level while catching them. 2015-12-16_12.17.40.png
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    Thanks for the suggestion man! I had no idea there was an in-game way to edit NBT. I might add that just in case I ever need to fix stuff quickly if things break.

    As for move tutoring, I believe Pixelmon has a built in method for move tutoring along with their own GUI that's hidden away it the code. I'm planning on hacking that and adding it to the /menu Pixelmon Modification shop so people can change their moves without needed a staff member. Expect it soon once I finish the auction plugin.

    Other than that most stuff (like making things level 1000) can be done by hooking into the Pixelmon API, which offers functions to adjust level and tons of other things (which is how we do the gym level cap, modifications in the Kandorus shop, and other custom things). You can even check out our Twitter page where Syanar posted a screenshot of his level 1000 Bulbasaur he "found" haha.

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