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    So...As you all hopefully know, Syanar and Aipa, the owners of the server, enjoy torturing us, and as such, have employed such things as 154 Pokeloots, forcing us to search Kandorus for Pokeballs, most of which we will never find, and the other source of our pain, which is the main topic of this thread. Now, as some of you know, there are five Legacy bosses scattered around Kandorus, which have very strong Pokemon, and entertain those of us who have beaten all 8 gyms. Now, I believe I am the only, if not then one of few, who is avidly hunting for the Legacy Bosses, so that I can thusly attain the title of "Legacy".
    Now, understandably, these bosses are hard to find, but I have found them all, and have beaten all except for Giovanni, and am currently training to defeat him. (12/18/15) Given that the locations of the Pokeloots are slowly being revealed over time as they are found (Mad props to Kitsune30 for working on that for us all), I figured that it would only be fitting for the Legacy Bosses to slowly be revealed over time as well. However, I already have all the information regarding the bosses, so it is simply a matter of releasing this information.
    As such, I plan to, each day, release a new Pokemon, until they are all revealed, at which point I will move onto their second Pokemon, until, eventually, all of their Pokemon are revealed.
    Additionally, the levels of these Pokemon are equal to (the highest level Pokemon in your party) + 40

    1. N
    Location: Tranquil Forest: Crystal Isle

    First Pokemon: Klinklang
    Second Pokemon: Carracosta
    Third Pokemon: Glaceon
    Fourth Pokemon: Archeops
    Fifth Pokemon: Rayquaza
    Sixth Pokemon: 1/6/16
    2. Red
    Location: Lost Isles

    First Pokemon: Pikachu
    Second Pokemon: Lapras
    Third Pokemon: Snorlax
    Fourth Pokemon: Venusaur
    Fifth Pokemon: Charizard
    Sixth Pokemon: 1/7/16
    3. Silver
    Location: Snowy Peaks

    First Pokemon: Weavile
    Second Pokemon: Magnezone
    Third Pokemon: Gengar
    Fourth Pokemon: Crobat
    Fifth Pokemon: 1/3/16
    Sixth Pokemon: 1/8/16
    4. Giovanni
    Location: Eerie Woods

    First Pokemon: Rhyperior
    Second Pokemon: Nidoking
    Third Pokemon: Kangaskhan
    Fourth Pokemon: Gyarados
    Fifth Pokemon: 1/4/16
    Sixth Pokemon: 1/9/16
    5. Lance
    Location: Zephyr Hills

    First Pokemon: Feraligatr
    Second Pokemon: Kangaskhan
    Third Pokemon: Arcanine
    Fourth Pokemon: Aerodactyl
    Fifth Pokemon: 1/5/16
    Sixth Pokemon: 1/10/16

    If you have any Questions, Comments or Concerns, feel free to post them below, or if I am online, send me a message using "/msg Jangleplatz [Your Message Here]"
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