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    Hello everyone and welcome to the server! We hope you enjoy your stay.

    After months of inactivity, we have finally returned to Kandorus for it's biggest update in server history! Unlike old Kandorus, we are now running on the newest version of Pixelmon and thus have tons of new Pixelmon to find and catch.

    Here is an outline of the major features we have at release:

    New Features:
    • Achievements
      • Do /ach to view your progress on a variety of new achievements available to complete
    • Titles
      • Do /titles to select your title for all to see! Earn new titles by completing achievements.
    • New Introduction Cutscene
      • Immerse yourself in the beginnings of the adventure through Kandorus Reborn in a special cutscene upon joining.
    • Questing
      • Complete story-related and daily quests given by Custom NPCs around Sanctum
    • Factions
      • Earn reputations with factions in Kandorus to unlock the ability to use reputation traders
      • New Faction : Sanctum
    • Dynamic Level Spawning
      • The days of being attacked by high level Pixelmon are over. The Dynamic Level Spawning will ensure that Pixelmon that spawn close to you are appropriate for the level of your current team.
    • Player Shops
    • Player Claim System
    • New Pokemon and Models
    New Worlds:
    • Sanctum
      • The tech-island constructed in the middle of the ocean by Dr. Alliture. Sanctum serves as a central hub in Kandorus Reborn, providing players with access to quests, shops, and portals.
    • Scion
      • A Survival world built with the default minecraft generator. Explore the world and create your own adventure as you encounter Pixelmon and build your own home.
      • Note: Pixelmon specific blocks (ie. aluminum and crystal) will only be available in this world
    • Euphoria
      • A Survival world built with a special plugin that adds new features to the world. The beautiful landscapes will provide you with unique locations to settle down in.

    Now you may be wondering about the Adventure aspects of old Kandorus. Fear not! We plan on adding new adventure and story content over time in the form of Realms. Realms, which will be released every month or so, will be specially designed worlds that contain quests and other various content pertaining to the story-mode of Kandorus. These Realms will also contain specific legendaries only found in the Realms!

    Instructions for installing Kandorus:
    1. Download technic here: https://www.technicpack.net/download
    2. Visit the modpack page here: https://www.technicpack.net/modpack/kandorus.1077864
    3. Click "Install This Modpack" and follow the instructions.

    We hope you enjoy the new server! If you have any suggestions don't hesitate to tell us!
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