Kandorus: Patch 2.0 Feature Overview

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    2.0 Feature Overview: Map
    This post will cover the basics of the features coming in Kandorus Patch 2.0! Since this will only give a general overview of each of the features, you can expect more posts to come as we move closer to the October 1st release date. For now, here are the features:

    Remodeled Map
    One of Kandorus' best features is its custom made map and spawning system. The Kandorus map was made almost a year ago and since then we have received a lot of feedback about what people like and dislike about it, so the time for change has come!

    Old Zones... Reimagined!
    Touch ups:
    Many of the old zones were a bit... unnatural. The hills were too rolling and frequent and the overall feel of certain zones was off (i.e. the Zephyr Hills didn't feel much like the plains biome it was meant to reflect, despite the name). Most all of the old zones have received touch ups to make them feel more like they were originally intended to feel.

    A journey of a thousand miles... leads to the first gym...
    Mistakes were made in the original map design and placement of notable map features. Most of this includes the placement of roads and gyms. Many will be pleased to know that the first gym has been relocated to a more accessible location for players that are just starting off their journey. Similar changes were made in other locations to give the player a greater feeling of accessibility and flow.

    Haven has been relocated! It found a new home in the lake within the Zephyr Hills where it has expanded to include several small districts. Haven was meant to be a hub for player activity, which it has been, but changes to command privileges and the new additions to the Haven area will make it an even greater part of the player's everyday life.

    Say goodbye to an old classic....
    Say goodbye to an old friend, a true friend. The zone that has always been there to anger you when you were happy or make you feel sad when you were exploring with friends... is gone. The Thicket has been demolished. Not a single tree will remain. Go hug those glitchy, wall-overhanging, dirt-glob-placing trees while you still can. If the Thicket was your favorite zone, we may have something to comfort you later on in this post, but for now, see your therapist.

    New Zones Rise!
    In the ashes of the Thicket (sorry if you didn't read the spoiler above) lie 2, that's right TWO, new zones. The Firelands and Frost Talon. These new zones provide a new home for fire and ice Pokemon, respectively, while giving Kandorus and even greater feeling of fantasy and discovery. Expect screenshots and a separate post on these locations soon*.

    New Zones... Fall?
    Although the Lost Isles is not a new zone being introduced in 2.0, it has been greatly reimagined. Flying is no longer a requirement to get to this zone, as the islands have fallen out of the sky and transformed into a tropical paradise. Many of the Pokemon formally found in the Thicket has relocated to their new island homes. The three islands that make up the Lost Isles each have their own unique spawning lists. The average level of the Pokemon in the Lost Isles has also been greatly increased to reflect its position as the final main zone in the Kandorus region.

    This has been a basic overview of the features of the new Kandorus map coming in Patch 2.0. Stay active on the forums and in game for more updates on the features that will be coming on October 1st!

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