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    The second official Kandorus League tournament has begun!
    Challenge your friends and fight to become crowned the very best! The winner of the tournament will be deemed the Champion and will be given the [Champion] title until a new winner is found next month!
    Other prizes and titles are available to be won so even if you know that your team is not the best, entering the tournament is within your best interest! Here's how to get started:

    What do I need to enter?
    The only prerequisite to enter the Kandorus League tournament is to have beaten all 8 NPC gyms that are found in Kandorus.
    The League also requires participants to use 6 Pixelmon in battle, so make sure you have at least 6 Pixelmon to your name!

    How do I enter?
    Entering the tournament is simple!

    First: Go to http://challonge.com/tournaments/signup/yJQAsR2JkU and register!
    This fantastic website will allow you to register for the tournament and will automatically generate a bracket. The bracket for the first stage will be available once registration closes on March 20th at noon. Details on when matches for each round of the tournament will be posted later that night.

    Second: Check the bracket and forums for match times
    Check the bracket to know who you're playing and the forums to know when you need to play them by! Failure to play a match will result in a forfeit by one of the players as highlighted by the regulations found below.

    Third: Do /t chal <name>
    This will challenge the person whose username you entered. The person can either accept or deny your request with either /t accept or /t deny. Only challenges against the player you are supposed to fight according to the bracket will affect your tournament standing. For the sake of convince, please avoid challenging players with the /t chal command outside of designated tournament matches as you may have to fight them later on.

    How does it work?
    The tournament has two stages: a group stage and a final stage. The group stage is what you will be entered into when you register for the tournament. Each group has a maximum of 8 players that will fight for a spot in the final stage. Two players from each group will be able to move on to the final stage: one from the winner's bracket and one from the loser's bracket.


    This is an example of the winner's bracket. The winner of match 12 in the bracket will earn a spot in the final stage. If you are to lose in the winners' bracket, you will be placed in the losers' bracket. Here is what that looks like:


    In the losers' bracket, players who have lost a match will battle to stay alive. Your placement along the losers' bracket is determined by how far you made it in the winners' bracket. If you lose a match in the losers' bracket, you will be out of the tournament. The winner of the losers' bracket will earn a spot in the final stage.

    Mega Evolutions and Legendary Pixelmon are banned from tournament competition. Any violations of this rule will lead to an automatic forfeit for the match in question.

    Usable Items, such as revives and healing items, are banned from tournament competition. These items will be cleared from your inventory when a tournament battle begins. If this rule is somehow violated, the player will automatically forfeit the match.

    Held Items are allowed.

    If a tournament match is not completed by the designated time, the player with the most playtime during the match time period will move on. The player with less playtime will forfeit the match. We understand that certain circumstances may arise. If there are any circumstances that you feel may require an adjustment to this rule for your specific match, please contact the tournament administration (Aipa, Syanar, or Pestilence).

    Final Remarks
    We have changed the tournament structure from the first Kandorus League for several reasons. One of the primary concerns we had with the previous system was the deliberate targeting of unskilled players to boost your own standing in the tournament. The previous system was designed to allow players to have a chance at moving on even if they lost a match or two, but it ended up making it so that the chance of moving on was drastically decreased with just a single loss. The double elimination bracket will allow for players who lose a match to still have a chance at moving on. The bracket will also add luck into the mix, for you never know who you will play against in the first round. We believe that the new structure will make the tournament more fun and more fair to players and we are looking forward to getting your feedback after the tournament's conclusion.

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