Kandorus League II: Group Stage

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    The Group Stage of the Kandorus League II has begun!

    The finalized bracket can be found on http://challonge.com/kandorus

    Time Frames
    These are the time periods in which certain matches must be completed. If the match is not completed within the given time period, please reference the rules section down below. PLEASE NOTE that the names of these "Rounds" is how they are labeled on the tournament page. The semifinal round is the semifinal for the group stage, not the whole tournament.

    ROUND 1 - Monday (MARCH 21ST) - Tuesday (MARCH 22ND)

    SEMIFINAL - Wednesday (MARCH 23RD) - Thursday (MARCH 24TH)
    LOSERS ROUND 1 - Wednesday (MARCH 23RD) - Thursday (MARCH 24TH)
    LOSERS ROUND 2 - Friday (MARCH 25TH) - Saturday (MARCH 26TH)

    FINALS - Sunday (MARCH 27TH) - Monday (MARCH 28TH)
    LOSERS ROUND 3 - Sunday (MARCH 27TH) - Monday (MARCH 28TH)
    LOSERS ROUND 4 - Tuesday (MARCH 29TH) - Wednesday (MARCH 30TH)

    MegaEvolutions and Legendary Pixelmon are banned from tournament competition. Any violations of this rule will lead to an automatic forfeit for the match in question.

    UsableItems, such as revives and healing items, are banned from tournament competition. These items will be cleared from your inventory when a tournament battle begins. If this rule is somehow violated, the player will automatically forfeit the match.

    HeldItems are allowed.

    If a tournament match is not completed by the designated time, the player with the most playtime during the match time period will move on. The player with less playtime will forfeit the match. We understand that certain circumstances may arise. If there are any circumstances that you feel may require an adjustment to this rule for your specific match, please contact the tournament administration (Aipa, Syanar, or Pestilence).
    If it is clear that both players were online at some point during the time period but one made a clear effort to avoid a match, the player who dodged the match will be deemed the loser. Other situations might apply.
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