Kandorus Launch Celebration Event!

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    It's time for our first major event, and we are starting off strong!
    First off, we would like to thank everyone who joined the Kandorus community during this past week. All of you helped make our launch a success, and it is because of that success that we wanted to do something special for you! So, here it is:

    Kandorus Drop Lottery
    When: 9:00 AM EST, Saturday, August 19th - 11:59 PM EST Monday, August 21rstWhere: Collect Event Tickets by defeating Pixelmon in Scion and Euphoria and turn them into the Event Manager in the center of the main floor in Sanctum.

    How's it work?
    Server Rewards
    This event is aimed around at community involvement! The more tickets that are turned in, the more rewards are given out!
    For every 250 Event Tickets the Event Manager receives, he will award a random player a special prize, which can be anything from a large currency reward to a random legendary key! But don't think you can earn benefits if you don't contribute! Each ticket you turn in during a reward cycle will give you one entry in the lottery. That means that if you turn in 125 of the 250 tickets, you will have a 50% chance of getting the prize!
    Turn in as many tickets as you can to increase your own personal odds of winning the prize! Also, remember that you have to work together! It benefits everyone if the Event Manager receives more tickets because more tickets mean more prizes!

    Individual Rewards
    The Event Manager will not ignore your personal efforts! You will receive rewards at certain turn-in milestones! Though these prizes are not as stellar as the primary event rewards, they should allow you to rest assured knowing that you won't leave the event empty-handed.
    These rewards include:
    5 Tickets : 10 Rare Candies
    25 Tickets : 1 Master Ball
    100 Tickets : 1 Random Pixelmon​

    Final Remarks
    The Kandorus Team wants to thank you for helping make the Kandorus community a fun and enjoyable experience for all members. This event should encourage you to work together to maximize the yield of the community as a whole.
    We hope you enjoy the first event on Kandorus Reborn!
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