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    Ayyo, The names Roxas, Yes my real name is Roxas. Anyways I'm 18 turning 19 next year, future rapper signed in Venice, California (not gonna give too much information) and I like keeping my real life away from my video game life as much as possible. I won't answer personal questions unless Staff asks me to. I found your guy's Pixelmon pack through the Technic Launcher on the startup page and since I always had a nostalgic feeling for Pixelmon, I decided to join no matter how many members were on.

    Main Questions

    Age: 18 (Like I said)
    IGN: RoxasIslas
    Gender: Male
    Status: Taken
    Favorite Pokemon(s): Shiny Charmander/Mudkip/Oshawott/Gardevoir
    Favorite Color(s): Red/Silver/Black/White (Depending on the texturepack)
    Favorite Biome: Plains or Extreme Hills (Try finding me in one)
    Things I Enjoy: Skateboarding, Video Games, Recording Music
    Other Games I Play: League Of Legends & Dragon Nest

    If you have any other questions don't be afraid to ask. I should reply.

    Alright well that's it for this thread, Roxas Out, Peace. ~RoxasIslas

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