Hunt for Entei Journal

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    Day 1: The hunt for Entei by WarlockVoltar starts out optimistically, he scours the dunes in search of the legendary nether star, ruby bell. Pokémon are slaughtered on a massive scale but to no avail.
    Day 2: The hunt for Entei continues as many more Pokémon are added to the death toll. Despite spending long hours on the hunt, WarlockVoltar returns empty handed from the hunt.
    Day 3: Whilst hunting for Entei, WarlockVoltar manages to entrap several other souls to assist in his quest. His assistants while not as zealous about the search as WarockVoltar, still spend a greater portion of the day searching.
    Day 4: Still on the prowl WarlockVoltar, with the assistance of his soul slave Razorroger, hunt tirelessly for Entei. The death toll rises with no end in sight. Yet another day with nothing to show.
    Day 5: The crew has enlisted the help of most serverlings in the search for Entei only to have them give up after a short duration. Optimism at finding Entei is dwindling rapidly.
    Day 6: A nether star has been found by WarlockVoltar. After checking the server database it turns out only to be a worthless Moltres and thus the quest continues.
    Day 7: More and more Pokémon are dying and ritual sacrifices take place in the Pit of Entei in order to appease him. The hunt must go on......
    Day 8: Another nether star is find only to be red orb spawning the great Groudon. While a slight development it is still not the end goal so the search continues. WarlockVoltar slowly takes the lead in most Pokémon massacred.
    Day 9: Hope of finding Entei is almost at its breaking point. After numerous sacrifices and stealing the souls of many unfortunate travelers, WarlockVoltar still has yet to find his prize. Not to mention another soul purchased Entei. One does not merely purchase a god!
    Day 10: With next to no enthusiasm, WarlockVoltar still continues his fruitless quest for Entei.
    Day 11: Now the days are blending together, one can hardly keep track of the sheer slaughterfest that is the search for Entei. Will WarlockVoltar's luck change?
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    If only the God Entei would show his presence, then all shall believe...

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