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    This isn't so much an actual suggestion, but more to get the idea out of my head and into the public. But if it is used, it would be amazing. :p

    My Idea:
    When a player purchases (is given, whatever) their land plot, they get assigned a randomly placed (or not, doesn't matter) plot that measures either 192x192 or 300x300 blocks. The plot is then divided into 9 Sectors, either 64x64 or 100x100 blocks. The player has to decide which Sector they want to start their first Landmass to be. The sizes are completely arbitrary and don't really matter. The idea is to have a modular building space that is expanded to the player's desire.

    There could be various variations on how the Sectors would work:
    Addons - When the player wants to expand their buildable region they have to get an additional Landmass added to their plot. The new Landmass would be similarly placed as the original Landmass , but it would have to be adjacent to any existing Landmasses.

    Premade Landmasses - When the player is assigned their plot, the 9 Sectors would have Landmasses added automatically, but the player wouldn't be able to access any other Landmasses until they bought/gained the rights to it. The player could either choose which types of Landmasses would go where or the Landmasses could be assigned to Sectors randomly.

    Various ways Landmasses can be worked:
    1 Size Fits All - The simplest idea. Just a "generic" land mass that is copy and pasted into the building Sector.

    Biome-Typed - There would be a copy-pasted/randomly generated Landmass themed to a biome. Such as a large snowy mountain, or a dense jungle.

    Randomly Generated - The Landmass is randomly generated when it is needed.

    Additional Non-Related Things: These are things that work with and affect the Housing System but aren't necessary to the original idea.
    • How resources are obtained:
    1. Base resources are bought from a general store and then players craft them into higher tier things.
    2. All building materials are bought from a store.
    3. Players must hunt Pokemon for resources.
    4. Any combination of the above.
    • NPCs: Interactable NPCs that help the player out, such as acting as a building materials store, a pokemart, etc. An interesting take would be like a employable NPC that would go out and collect resources (or maybe other things?) for you.
    • House Spacing: Place player building plots decently far enough away so it isn't a complete cluster of structures. Unless players want their Landmasses to be near each other to facilitate cooperative building.
    • Centralized Hub: A Small Generic Landmass that's only function is to act as a landing zone for the initial warp to the housing world. It could also serve as a hub for housing based NPCs (such as material stores).
    • Pal Park: The player could set up their own version of a Pal Park and let others come and try and catch Pokemon that they have seeded into the area.

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