Hot Spring Village

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    This suggestion is about a small village who's central feature is a hot spring.


    Location: Snowy Peaks
    Coordinates: X -389, Z -1659

    This village would feature liquid water in the center of a mountain valley, and then around the water grass, and as it gets further away from the hot spring snow begins to appear.

    The location is bordered by tall mountains on all sides except for its south western border, which is a valley.

    Here is an attach gallery of images, with Aries94 and his Staraptor as models sizing scales.

    Pokemon Spawns:
    Yeah I have no clue... I'll need some help here.

    Edit 12/9/2015: The location has a small flatish area just to the left of the main image above which would be perfect for the majority of the buildings to go. Then there is another flatish area directly away from the main image that could also house some more buildings, however that spot is slightly further away.

    A major issue is there is currently no road leading to it, so this village is definitely either a long term goal or some crazy hiker is just setting up an icy oasis that they stumbled upon and is completely separated from the rest of the world.
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    That is one mighty fine Staraptor. :D

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