Hey Guys! Wanna Keep Up with your Pokedex????

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    Welcome to this thread Friend! :D

    My IGN is Razorroger (a Moderator for the Server) and my soul purpose on Kandorus is to serve you all, but sometimes you all have things you ask me that I can't answer in chat form (text boxes are too small for me :p) but fear not! With this I can do multiple things at once while answering your questions on my stream which you can go back to after its over in case you forgot my response!

    I livestream multiple times throughout the week (I try to do once a day, occasionally I am unable to) with friends to bring you guys a steady flow of useful content for those trying to get their Pokedex done! I have started my streams back at 40% of it done and now I am at over 80%! I as well as others want that Professor title, and if you catch wind of the stream maybe you guys can figure out useful tips to expanding your own Pokedex! :D

    Wanna see someone try to catch them all on Kandorus? Then head onto www.twitch.tv/razorroger and hit that follow button to keep up to date with all that you guys want and need!

    Also are you interested in which Pokémon spawn in which zones? Well look at the Kandorus Wiki on our website! There is a page dedicated to showing you each region and what Pokémon spawn there on our Wiki! http://kandorus.com/wiki/kandorus-zones/

    Also if you guys have a stream or videos that each of you want to share about Kandorus, then by all means link, post, brag, and stream to your hearts desire! Just remember that we are getting a lot of online traffic on our forums recently so if YOU want to build a bigger audience then create a thread about it in this forum area! It's centered around stuff that will make your audience not only discover you, your channel, or your stream, but discover the wonders and mysterious natures of Kandorus!

    So get on out there and discover your own story, and let the world know how YOU will live out your destiny!

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