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    Age: 19 Years
    Name: Gianna (call me Gigi)
    Country: USA
    Favorite Pokemon: Eevee, Gardevoir and Zorua
    Favorite type: Psychic or Dark
    Favorite Tv show: Modern Family or reality shows like Survivor
    Favorite movie: Something disney, probably Mulan or Lion King
    Favorite thing about life: Animals, mainly kittens and puppies
    Role Model: My mom
    Best subject (School): Calculus
    Favorite Video Game: The Legend of Zelda or Paper Mario
    Favorite Vacation: Disney World
    Favorite Animal: Puppies and kittens
    Favorite Color: Orange
    Favorite Thing ever: my boyfriend (AKA Syanar)
    Favorite Food: Penne alla Vodka
    Least favorite food: Raisins and spinach
    Favorite Legendary Pokemon: Mew
    Favorite Time Of Day: Sunset
    Favorite Book: All of them (I read too many books to have a favorite)

    Thanks guys and I look forward to meeting everyone and having a blast on the server!!!!! :p:D
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