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    do dah doo dah do.... Oh hi! didn't see you there! My name is well you'll see it down below.

    Age: 17 Years
    Name: Bryce
    Country: USA
    Favorite Pokemon: Tyranitar and Swampert
    Favorite types: Steel, Rock, Earth
    Favorite Youtube series: Cyanide & Happiness
    Favorite movie: Any of the Star Wars Series
    Favorite thing about life: Freedom
    Role Model: My father
    Best subject (School): Algebra
    Favorite Video Game: The Dead Case
    Favorite Place: Canada
    Favorite Animal: daggies
    Favorite Color: Blue
    Favorite Joke: "Knock Knock" "Come In"
    Favorite Food: Pizza
    Least favorite food: Fried Okra
    Favorite Legendary Pokemon: Groudon
    Favorite Time Of Day: The opposite of Day (aka Night
    Favorite Book: Eragon
    I am usually on the server when ever nothing else is going on(turns out its a lot!)
    I like to have fun by talking quite a bunch and also battling all comers
    I do not have a full team as of now(may change)
    If I am not on and If I am not doing work, I am probably doing a good, healthy, writing session, thou I am not very good at it yet!
    thanks for taking time to read this!:D

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