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So whose your favorite?

  1. Luxray

  2. Infernape

  3. Riolu

  4. Altaria

  5. Golurk

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  6. Weevile

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  7. Flygon

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    Welcome to the beautiful world of Kandorus.

    Hey, my name is Zach
    (but most people call me cloudy and on occasions, clouddeh, halow, or hallow... or sometimes that one annoying guy in the background)

    I'm here for your assistance...
    No i am not a mod but if you need any help i'm here. Dont be afriad to ask.

    So you will most likely see me walking around with a Luxray or Infernape and if you ask why?... well i have no idea but i do this.

    I'm also that guy with "no shinies." yes i have found a shiny before but that was a red gyarados in the Lake of Rage in Gen2 so it doesnt really count. (and if you wondering on pixelmon ive only found one shiny and that was a sandshrew who is now a sandslash sitting in a pc)

    I'm also the person who makes bad trades in your favor because either i really want a specific pokemon or i'm just being nice. I will be doing giveaways in teh future so stay tuned (i sond like a commercial... you can ignore that last part)

    If you have any questions about me i'll answer them and dont forget to join the ts (teamspeak) : ts.kandorus.com

    Finally, i hope you enjoy you time here in Kandorus

    -Cloudy ☁

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