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    Hello, I am Bluestar985! I will like to tell you about myself. So the thing about me is that I will always try to be happy for all of you. Even if I have the worst days, I will always try to make your day better! :D Plus even if you need a Pokemon you want or need I will try to help get it in anyway I can! :D My goal is to try and be a Professor so I will not be going after gyms that much! :p I am only 14 but almost 15! The thing is that I have Skype but, I have to ask permission to you it :p. Yes my name is from Warrior Cats... MEOW! o_O. Just remember I will help as much as I can to make your day better, get you stuff, and help with directions! :D chibi_marill_by_kawaiipikaandeeveon.jpg

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