Butterfrees in my Stomach...

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    This is the First Poem Entry of Trainer Joey:
    Jan. 17th, 2016

    Oh how my heart bellows like a Waillord when I see your face,
    So high and pristine,
    And full of pure grace.

    My mind grows like a Wild Mankey when I see your eyes,
    My heart flutters like a Ledyba,
    It soars so high into the sky,
    I feel like a small Pidgey reaching heights.

    But alas I cannot speak,
    Like a Geodude I remain still,
    The only word I can recall is my own name.

    So I am sorry Sarah, that you cannot see,
    Oh much you really mean to me.
    But perhaps one thing will make it through,
    That I am too much of a Pichu compared to you.

    -Trainer Joey-
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    lol good poem. very, poemy?

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