Across the Stairwell I Wait for You...

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    This is the first Journal Entry from the Collector in Haven:
    Jan. 16th, 2016

    I have arrived in my new town of Haven; well I say town, more like a random hub in the middle of the ocean. But alas I have arrived, a fresh new start, far away from the reaches of Team Rocket. I never want to go back to that life, but, in order for them to leave me in peace, I have to buy pokemon from this pathetic trainers in Kandorus. I mainly just give them stuff that they won't need, Moomoo milk being my favorite, in fact one trainer I deliberately gave Moomoo milk 3 times in a row, what a fool.

    But I digress, things have been lonely since I had to say my goodbyes to my past love Kevin, that strong and sturdy lumberjack, oh it fills me with sorrow that he had to say in that stupid Palet Town. Even more worse that he ended up falling in love with that one mother of Red's, who is was our sworn enemy... I bet she's getting a load of wood... I miss him, but I found a new item of interest, Joey.

    Now I won't say too much about him, but he is so dedicated to that Noctowl of his, makes me jealous. His stance as his chest is puffed standing still in that thick snow... Makes me want to walk over and give him a nice squeeze... I shouldn't talk about a man that way, but the thing that makes me jealous is that he stares at that woman Sarah... The likes of her that makes me sick. I bet she'd never love Joey like I would... Did I just write love? Ha. I guess I did.

    Another thing, what happened to that Meowth that we all loved? Surely she is just back in that stupid Sarah's pokeball... That Meowth was the one reason that I'd look to my left, but now that she's gone I can only look at the trainers, and that hunk of man known as Joey.

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