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    Hey guys, I thought it would be a good idea to introduce myself with 20 questions. Please make your own of these in the comments so that we can all know eachother better :D.

    Age: 13 Years
    Name: Brady
    Country: USA
    Favorite Pokemon: Crobat and Sceptile
    Favorite type: Water
    Favorite Tv show: Arrow
    Favorite movie: 22 Jump Street
    Favorite thing about life: Freedom
    Role Model: My grandfather
    Best subject (School): Algebra
    Favorite Video Game: Pokemon Emerald
    Favorite Vacation: Colorado Mountains
    Favorite Animal: Panda
    Favorite Color: Blue
    Favorite Thing ever: My blue fuzzy blanket
    Favorite Food: Pizza
    Least favorite food: Brussel Sprouts
    Favorite Legendary Pokemon: Mewtwo
    Favorite Time Of Day: Dusk
    Favorite Book: Harry Potter And The Order of The Phoinex
    Thank you :D

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