1.2.14 Patch Notes

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    Wow, it's been awhile... Here are all the changes since the last set of notes

    • "Fool" title for April Fools :)
    • Slightly buff pickup from what we set before
    • Adjusted distance walked algorithm (This likely decreased people's distance walked number. This is because our old one was wildly inaccurate)
    • Allow pressure plates through the redstone filter
    • Fixed Rohash and the Inn
    • Fixed some tournament issues
    • Building Materials are properly removed from the drop list when no building tasks are active
    • Fix some global region issues
    • Fixed some typos
    • Fix titles for those of us who have more than one page of titles (looking at you, Pestilence)
    • The correct amount of legionaries is now required for the "Legend" title
    • Fixed the longstanding Pixelmon bug where multiple weather effects crash the client!

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