1.2.13 Patch Notes

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    Applied: 3/18/16-3/20/16

    • The Apex Generator! (wiki: kandorus.com/wiki/apex-generator) (3/18)
    • Pocket Healers (restore an entire team to full health outside of battle) (3/18)
    • Enhanced Medicines (increase an IV by 1) (3/19)
    • Add !wiki and !pixelwiki commands to the chat bot (3/19)
    • Tournament system ready for the second Kandorus League! (3/20)
    • Add !discord command to the chat bot (3/20)
    • Inn system (set your Inn and use /inn to return to it) (3/20)
    • Allow special items (Building Materials) to persist across force reloads. This means they will always drop even if Syanar decides to change stuff (3/18)
    • Don't allow the Poke Collector to give out Apex Schematic Pages (3/18)
    • Somewhat nerf Pickup (no longer drops uber rare items) (3/19)
    • Fixed Enhanced Medicine crashes (3/20)

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