1. Legends of Kandorus

    Hello Guest, and welcome to the Legends of Kandorus. We here at Kandorus love Pixelmon and want to provide you with the best and most immersive Pixelmon experience possible.

    We believe in crafting a Pixelmon server that is fun and engaging for all, combining the genius of Pixelmon with various new plugins custom coded specifically for Kandorus. Join us in the new age of Pixelmon and never settle for anything but the best

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Legends of Kandorus

Updated with command to protect armor stands!

So it seems only a handful of people know how to do this so in an effort to make this information more widely known here is a guide. These are the commands to let people use common facilities without /trusting them so randoms people can use them but not break them.

All of these commands must be typed while standing inside your claim. Fell free to copy/paste.

Let people throw out pokemon on your claim:

/cf interact-entity-secondary minecraft:player pixelmon:any true
Let people use a healer in your claim:
/cf interact-block-secondary minecraft:player pixelmon:healer true
Let people use a Crafting table in your claim:
/cf interact-block-secondary minecraft:player minecraft:crafting_table true
BONUS!! Prevent pokemon from being able to trample your crops:
/cf collide-block pixelmon:any minecraft:farmland false
Protect armor stands on...
It's time for our first major event, and we are starting off strong!
First off, we would like to thank everyone who joined the Kandorus community during this past week. All of you helped make our launch a success, and it is because of that success that we wanted to do something special for you! So, here it is:

Kandorus Drop Lottery
When: 9:00 AM EST, Saturday, August 19th - 11:59 PM EST Monday, August 21rstWhere: Collect Event Tickets by defeating Pixelmon in Scion and Euphoria and turn them into the Event Manager in the center of the main floor in Sanctum.

How's it work?
Server Rewards
This event is aimed around at community involvement! The more tickets that are turned in, the more rewards are given out!
For every 250 Event Tickets the...
Hello everyone and welcome to the server! We hope you enjoy your stay.

After months of inactivity, we have finally returned to Kandorus for it's biggest update in server history! Unlike old Kandorus, we are now running on the newest version of Pixelmon and thus have tons of new Pixelmon to find and catch.

Here is an outline of the major features we have at release:

New Features:
  • Achievements
    • Do /ach to view your progress on a variety of new achievements available to complete
  • Titles
    • Do /titles to select your title for all to see! Earn new titles by completing achievements.
  • New Introduction Cutscene
    • Immerse yourself in the beginnings of the adventure through Kandorus Reborn in a special cutscene upon joining.
  • Questing
    • Complete story-related and daily quests given...