Legends of Kandorus

The Ultimate Pixelmon Reforged Multiplayer Experience

Why Kandorus?

What separates us from the rest?

Amazing Community

Since we launched in December 2015, Kandorus has sought to provide a place where everyone can make friends and have fun.

Custom Designed

Much of Kandorus was built from the ground up, specially for our community. From our unique RPG experience to a fully automated Battle Tower, what you find on Kandorus you won't find anywhere else!

Continually Updated

Kandorus is never complete. Each week our staff team works to continually improve your experience through new features, new experiences, and much more. There is always more to look forward to on Kandorus!

Kandorus Worlds



A Survival world generated with the default Pixelmon generator. Join, build, and battle with your friends!



A world that was custom designed using our own generator. The terrain in this world is unique, but it does not have Pixelmon ores and resources.



A world with an immersive RPG experience. Battle your way through the unique Kandorus story mode and experience fun and engaging quests. Coming soon!

Kandorus Features

At Kandorus, we focus on adding new, exciting, and gameplay improving features for our players. We take great pride in how we have improved the Pixelmon experience. These are just a few of our custom designed features:

Interactive NPCs

Through the use of the CustomNPCs mod, Kandorus has added hundreds of interactive NPCs to the world! Buy, trade, and quest in the many NPC areas around our three unique worlds!

Achievements and Levels

Challenge yourself to be the very best by completing achievements. Custom designed for Kandorus, our achievement system allows you to earn rewards for completing challenges for battling, catching, and being the best!

Player Titles

Show off your skills to your friends with Titles! Earned by completing achievements or completing certain tasks, titles appear before your player name. There are over 80 unique titles to collect!


Customize your Pixelmon experience by unlocking talents! Talents are earned by leveling up and can be used to increase legendary spawns, unlock stat bonuses, and speed up Pixelmon-related tasks.

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